Circular references introduction

Circular references – results when one of the cells you are referencing in the formula is the cell in which you want the formula to appear.

To make difference from reference relative and absolute reference you willl just look above and jus think if you want the line to be constant you will add $ or variable you will not add the symbol $.

Same if you look at right just think if you want that the column must be constant or variable. For constant you will add $ sign.

A cell is formed by a line and a column is the intersection of those 2.

Good tutorials about circular references in excel:

Troubleshoot circular references errors above is this tutorial from ofzen:

Good habit:

Very good tutorials from jkp:


Convertire in lista excel a unui folder

Detalii aici:

Fortarea functiilor sa devina array-uri -sum de sumif,vlookup,median-if,max-if,min-if exemple,count unique records,sum top three values of a competition ->adica functia large

Highline Excel Class 39: Forcing Functions To Become Arrays

Wrap text in a cell si comanda hide/unhide pentru o coloana excel

Sa spunem ca vrem sa inseram in coloana B randul2 un link lung. Dam click dreapta dupa selectia celulei B2 ->Format Cells si bifam wrap text. Apoi redimensionam cu slider-ul coloana B.

Comenzile Hide si Unhide

Fie Workbook-ul excel:

Selectam coloana A care vrem sa o ascundem:

Unhide column A:

4 video tutoriale cu array formulas, functia sumproduct,functia transpose

Fie worksheet-ul:

Calculam vanzarile:

Calculam totalul vanzarilor:

Asa calculam in mod normal vanzarile si totalul vanzarilor nefolosind array-uri. Vom calcula aceste lucruri intr-o singura celula cu label-ul Total folosind arrays :

Identic se face si sumproduct poate fi efectuat ca: =SUMPRODUCT(A2:A5*B2:B5) Atentie acum ca sa validati formula array se va apasa intotdeauna simultan combinatia de taste ctrl shift si enter :

Cum convertim un range in elemente ale unui array/vector:

Fie ex:


Selectam range-ul si dam clic F9 ca sa convertim range-ul in array -> elemente ale unui vector:


Sau acelasi efect este obtinut cu functia Sumproduct:

Clic ENTER deoarece nu este o functie array Sumproduct :

Highline Excel Class 36: Array Formulas Basics

Urmatoarele trei tutoriale se refera tot la array formulas basics. Nu uitati ca la formule array folosit ctrl shift si enter simultan ca sa validati formula introdusa in celula unde doriti sa efectuati un calcul.

Functia Transpose:

Selectam range-ul cu tasta shift 2×4:

Inseram functia transpose:

Clic acum ctrl shift si enter pentru validarea formulei transpose si auto-popularea tuturor celulelor:

Atentie continutul array-ul schimbat nu poate fi sters:

Functia Frequency: -> numara cate numere respecta anumite conditii dintr-un set de date. 

Va numara cate numere respecta conditiile setului de date dat de primul parametru al functiei frequency:

Mai mult de o conditie IF intr-o formula si functia VLOOKUP, Calculare bonus din vanzari

Highline Excel Class 35: IF Function Vs. VLOOKUP Function

Search this on youtube.

Payroll cec-uri , Plata unor taxe IF Formula,Plata unor angajati

Highline Excel Class 34: IF function Formula Payroll Formula

Search this on youtube.

IF Function to Calculate Overtime Pay in Excel

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