Functia VLOOKUP 11 exemple neobisnuite, functia hlookup,functia lookup tut.42

Highline Excel Class 40: VLOOKUP11 Unusual Examples

Contine si functia trim care elimina spatiile se adauga zero ca sa converteasca din string in numar deoarece am folosit functia trim aferenta string-urilor.

Sau o varianta buna se selecteaza column_one ->data->text to columns->se alege space si suprima automat spatiile.

Minutul 21  functia MID de extragere a unui subsir dintr-un sir.

To convert text into number add zero after mid function.

Conversie dintr-o cotatie in alta ex.zece.

Highline Excel Class 41: HLOOKUP ROWS Horizontal Lookup

E1.7.1 HLOOKUP Across Two Worksheets in Excel

Highline Excel Class 42: Versatile LOOKUP function 10 Examples->Detaliaza functia Lookup


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