Scurtaturi uzuale excel – Keyboard Shortcuts

1)Ctrl + C = Copy
2)Ctrl + V = Paste
3)Ctrl + X = Cut
4)Ctrl + Z = Undo,Ctrl + Y = Redo

5)Ctrl + F2 = Print Preview



Si alegeti print preview:

7)Excel 2003 Alt + F + U = Page Setup
8)Excel 2007 Alt P + S + P = Page Setup
9)Ctrl + Arrows keys = Move to end of current region
10)Ctrl + Home = select cell A1, CTRL left arrow, CTRL right arrow
11)Ctrl + Roller-ball-on-mouse = Zoom
12)Atl + = is the keyboard for Auto SUM
13)Shift + Click selects range between to cells
14)Ctrl + Shift + arrow = Select whole current region

15) SHIFT +F11 = Insert a new worksheet

Ctrl si asterisk selecteaza un intreg dataset de date cu o multitudine de inregistrari rapid.

F2 editeaza o formula F9 o valideaza.


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